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Just experienced my first ever float sesh at Inner Peace Floats in Watkins Glen. I must say it was one of the most unique and relaxing things I've ever experienced! I was pretty nervous at first but once I got in the tank and let my body relax I felt completely comfortable. The complete buoyancy sort of felt like I was in space! Loved it and definitely will be doing it again!


My husband and I had our first ever Float here and I have to say, we both agree, WE ARE HOOKED! Can't wait till the space is completed.. I can already feel pain relief after just one visit which is something I was not expecting at all.. I feel like there's no really perfect way to explain Floating, it's truly something you just have to try!! Thanks to Clayton for being our "tour guide" lol and Kathie is the sweetest.. Congrats to Inner Peace Floats!!



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I just had a massage with Jennifer. She is fantastic. As someone who has daily severe migraines with little to no relief through medicine, I am always looking for something that helps. I also love the fact that she shares her knowledge about many different aspects of massage and reflexology!
I can't wait to float!


Couldn't have been in better hands for my first floating experience! I felt fully prepared for this most extraordinary session, an hour and a half of blissful, buoyant, silky silence - I chose not to use any lights either which was really relaxing, fell asleep a little, and totally let my body and mind float freely. Can't wait to do it again! Body and mind relaxed, realigned and ready!


It was an amazing first experience! I have never been so relaxed! Wonderful, well informing staff as well! This is a great business for this town!


Client Testimonials from our "under construction floats!!"

I loved it. So many physical and mental benefits from this. Well worth it... I think everyone should try this at least once.. you will be hooked. Thank you to my Momma for offering us such a wonderful experience. Thank you Kathie for bringing this to our area.

Carie Lyn

What We Do

Inner Peace Floats is being formed through the desire to give people another option in their toolbox for health and healing.  We are in the process of creating a comfortable space where people can duck out of the craziness of their everyday life, recharge and enjoy quiet.  We currently have two private float rooms where you shower and enter your float space - there’s 1,000 lbs. of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt dissolved in only 10 inches of water.  The water and air temperature is only 94 degrees – roughly the same temperature as your body.  You lay back and essentially just, “float!”  With no stress on your joints and muscles this gives your body a chance to relax, the Epsom salt is what keeps you, “a float” and is good for aches and pains, AND if you choose to turn the soft lighting provided in each room off, you’ll get to experience the benefits of sensory deprivation.  Imagine a full 90-minutes where you’re not being bombarded by external stimuli!  Your session ends with soft music playing letting you know it’s time to come back to your physical self, shower, and go back out into the “real” world a better person! 


We have two wonderful massage therapists that work out of our space, we offer Integrated Energy Therapy, essential oils, locally made organic soy candles, and our next BIG push will be remodeling the small kitchen we have in order to serve some simple, nourishing, vegan options.

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